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NEW - ebills is now available in English, French and German. Menus only are available in Portuguese. Other translations are in progress. The ebills customer portal is now availabale, giving customers access to their invoices, address records and allowing them to make enquiries / support requests that go directly into your system.

Great billing features with more about customer care & management.

The following features are standard: customer bills and letters in PDF or HTML format; a complete workflow management system to assist with processing orders, enquiries, support requests and late payments. This is especially useful when integrated with a web site. Full customer and contract/order management facilities. Full Product Management and pricing Facilities

A workflow engine that automates reminders, reports, alerts and late payment reminders is now available in Beta test form.

This site is exclusively for the development, support and definition of requirements for e-Bills.

e-Bills is written in PHP, html, JavaScript, uses the MySQL database and LaTeX with ghostscript for text processing.

This product includes some awesome features, including very fast production of customer letters as Adobe compatible PDF files and customer contact history including notes and actions.

Just interested in e-Bills?

Product information, features and benefits, a browsable installation HOWTO and commercial information can be found at the e-Bills home page.

If you are using e-bills you might me interested in subscribing the users and announcements mailing lists (see menu). If you're still interested then register to see the online demonstration.

Online demonstration

You can see ebills run live hosted on the SourceForge servers by registering using the link on the right. It simply needs your email address to send you a password by return. You then have immediate access to most of the ebills features. The demo produces invoices and customer letters in HTML format rather than PDF (recommended for serious installations). We've disabled sending emails from this demo. We would also state that the workflow features come into their own when integrated into a PHP driven web site, which we've done for some customers.

The demo is available in English, French and German.

We will not contact you unless you ask us to. Good luck with the demo.

ebills is for ...

Any business that creates invoices and wants to care for their customers, especially those working with open source software. It is suitable for single individuals, small service companies with say 1 or 2 staff, larger organisations and corporates. In all cases it will save time issuing invoices, allow you to keep excellent records and to chase payments. It will also integrate with your web site.

Examples of items invoiced could include: your time charged at a fixed daily rate; expenses; a monthly recurring support or hosting charge; charges for standard products; ad-hoc charges; receipts for donations and annual fees. The list of what e-Bills will invoice is endless.

The new customer portal feature allows your customers to see the address records, invoices, contracts and payment history. It also allows them to submit items to the ebills workflow system which will benefit you and your customers through time savings and increased responsiveness.


Please contribute to ebills through your feedback, comments, requests for enhancements and support requests. We prefer you to do this via the facilities at sourceforge.net accissible via the project group home, but you can email us too.

We also welcome your donations. If you are using ebills and successfully using it to manage your invoices and customers then please send a donation from 10 upwards via the Paypal button on the right.


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